The board of directors and staff members have brought Conservas Cerqueira, S.A. from its humble origins, in 1890, to what is now, one of the most influential corporations with both national and international sales.

A production of 40 million tins per year and an annual turnover of 30 million Euros lead us to be among the top 500 companies of Spain and among the top 20 in canned fish and seafood production.

Our canned fish can be found in national and international markets. Europe, Asia, North and South America are our main markets. Several production lines throughout our two factories located in Vigo and in Santa Eugenia de Ribeira and with more than 200 profesionals help us produce a great variety of products:

  • Seafood:
    Clams, big clams, cockles, small scallops in sauce  and mussels  in brine, in pickled sauce, in Vieira sauce and in garlic sauce.
  • Tuna:
    Light tuna in brine, in vegetable oil, in olive oil and in sauce with vegetables.
    White meat tuna in olive, in brine and tomato sauce.
  • Other fish:
    Small sardines in vegetable oil, in olive oil, in pickled sauce, in tomato sauce and in hot vegetable oil.
    Sardines in vegetable oil, in olive oil, in pickled sauce, in tomato sauce, with lemon in olive oil and in hot vegetable oil.
  • Cephalopods:
    Stuffed squids in oil, in American sauce, in ink sauce and with surimi imitation of baby eels.
    Squid pieces in American sauce and in ink sauce.
    Giant squids in oil, in garlic sauce and in marinade sauce.
  • Surimi imitation of baby eels. 
  • Fish roe in oil with lemon.